Operational management and control of electrical equipment using digital relay


The ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System) carries out generator operation, management and control by applying multi-functional integrated digital relay to the power-generating facilities and the power equipment within the power plants. In particular, multi-functional integrated digital relay has been applied to this monitoring and control system to enable the simplification and effective functioning capacity of the system.
LSIS, introduced and structured the Jeju ECMS system in 1998, the first of its kind in Korea, and ensured the reliability of the system through this experience.


  • Secures operational reliability by applying the dual system and dual communication
  • Remote setting, harmonic/waveform capture, and analysis of the IED is enabled by the central system
  • Self-diagnostic function of the system operational status
    (communication line and equipment status and others)
  • Applies the TCP/IP communication method for large capacity/high speed communication
  • By applying IED, it boasts a simple and highly functional relay panel