Real-time monitoring of distant on-site equipment from the control center using a remote terminal unit(RTU)


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) fulfills the role of
monitoring and controlling the power facility located on the distance site in on-line, which is based on the information about circuit breaker status, analog and digital data collected by the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and transmitted to the central computer through the line or wireless communication network.


  • User-oriented graphic environment with full graphic resources and working tools
  • Possible to monitor and control the site in Viewport and alarm windows
  • Transmits the operating information relating to I/O point in real time
  • Support for making full use of IED functions through flawless communication with IEDs
  • Operated through Unix and Windows 2000/XP OS
  • Storage of long-term data using the relational database
  • Report generation with various formats reflecting user requirements
  • OTS (Operator Training System) function support (Option)
  • Web monitoring function support (Option)