Al-Rasikh is serving the electrical power industry with the high testing equipments and diagnostic solutions.

Our test equipments of OMICRON, MEGGER, FLUKE and HIPOTRONICS and others provide the users the highest level of confidence in the condition assessment of the primary and secondary equipment on their systems. The Services which are offered in the fields of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis, and training make the product range complete.

Testing systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electric power systems. The Proper working testing devices help to maintain the safety of the system and to safeguard assets from damage. In order to ensure a reliable operation, It's always required to ensure that any electrical equipment being used in any project is checked and maintained to minimize the risk of accidents and injury.

Al Rasikh Capabilities OfTesting 

The Al Rasikh Capabilities of Electrical Testing concentrated on three main items, the first one is trained staff, second is testing instruments and the third one is laboratories (Megger Service center in Iraq).

The staff consists of many trained engineers and technicians, and annually Al Rasikh are dispatching engineers to have updating training courses.

Al Rasikh has many testing instruments in field of transforms test, switchgear panel’s test and other. The quantities of instruments are more than one hundred instruments covered all the locally type tests and from high quality manufacturing brands like Megger, Yokogawa, Hiptranics, Omircon, Double, Phoenix and ISA.


Power and Distribution TransformsTest

1-      Winding resistance Test.

2-      Tan-Delta Test.

3-      Winding insulation resistance Test.

4-      High Voltage insulation Test.

5-      Turns Ratio according to vector group Test.

6-      Oil Break Down Test.

7-      Oil Analysis Test.

8-      Tab Changer functional Test.

HV and MV SwitchgearTest

1-      DC-Hi pot Test.

2-      AC high Voltage Test.

3-      Circuit Breaker analyzer Test.

4-      CT-Ratio and Burn power test.

5-      PT Ratio Test.

6-      Primary Current injection Test up to 1300A.

7-      Secondary Current injection up to nine taps current. taps and voltage taps to test of multi-function programmable protection reays, differential relays, distance relays, meter and energy meters.

8-      DC contact Test.

Battery Chargers and Batteriestest

1-      Charging and Dis Charging Test.

2-      Solution Liquid Density and Specific Weight Test.

3-      Functional Test Of Chargers.

4-      Equalizing And Floating Current Test.