Al Rasikh - The Factory - Products1

  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels
  • Motor Control Centers ( Withdrawable and Fixed Types)
  • ATS control Panels
  • Kiosk ( Package substation 11/0.416KV, 33/0.416KV, 33/11/0.416KV , 3.3KV/0.416KV).
  • Street Lighting Control Panels ( Pillars).
  • 132KV/33/11KV Mobile Substation.
  • Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Chargers And Inverters
  • PLC Panels and SCADA system control panels
  • MIMIC Panels And control desk Panels.
  • Field Instrumentations Pneumatic and electric control panels .
  • Explosion Proof Type Panels of different Hazardous Areas.
Note: Al Rasikh Co. is an agent and a partner with the South Korean Company, LSIS. Accordingly, Al Rasikh uses LSIS products in panel assembly and, at the same time, Al Rasikh can assemble the panels of the other brands and origins as a per customer requirement.
Highly Trained Engineers And Technicians Are Working For The Design, Assemble, Test And Operate The Following Scope Of Products: